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a girl using a grinder removes old paint from furniture, restoration of antique furniture.


We have many options for furniture refinishing.  We can fully refinish your items or help you explore other options such as color toning and painting.  We have a huge selection of stain colors, enamel paints, and top coat options. 

Hand with a carpentry holder for sandpaper erases and polishes an old wooden surface, prep

Finish stripping

We recognize that every item we work on is different. Our stripping methods include chemical stripping, soda blasting, machine sanding, and hand sanding.  With our many years experience, we will use the best possible methods to offer our clients the mosts cost-effective option and best final result.

Painting and toning

We can update the look of your wood furniture WITHOUT refinishing.  We have special translucent toners that can alter the color of your stained furniture.  We apply these toners over your existing finish and top coat with clear lacquer.  We can also paint your furniture with high-quality furniture enamels.  

Before and after a home diy furniture refinishing project of a storage piece with fresh pa
Man carpenter wearing blue overalls restoring furniture in restoration studio.jpg

Partial refinishing

In many cases, the tops of dressers and tables can show the most wear and tear.  We will offer affordable options to make your items look brand new without needing to refinish the entire piece!  We will refinish the tops of the item and carefully match the finish to the rest of the piece.  We have many options to refurbish the item without full refinishing to save hundreds of dollars without affecting the final result. 

Industry leading products

Most of our finishing chemicals come from Mohawk Finishing.  Mohawk has specialized in furniture finishing products since 1948.  They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional wood touch-up, repair, and finishing products.  We have hundreds of high-quality and environmentally friendly products in stock.

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